The 17th ROK-USA Forum on Nanotechnology


Program at a glance

  • Data & Venue
    April 3-4, 2023, THE PLAZA Seoul, ROK
Date Outline Meeting Room
April 3

Opening SessionWelcome Address, Policy Direction on National Nanotechnology & Keynote Speeches

Diamond Hall(22F)

Main SessionNext Generation SemiconductorⅠ, Ⅱ, The Environmental Implications of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Diamond Hall(22F)


Diamond Hall(22F)
April 4

Young Scholar Presentations

Diamond Hall Lobby(22F)

Group Discussion Session

Ruby/Opal Hall(22F)

Closing SessionYoung Scholar Presentations Award, Draw-up Recommendation to the Governments, Signature of Overall Summary and Recommendation & Closing Remarks

Detailed program

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 1
Day 1
  • Opening Session
    Jo-won Lee (NNFC) /
    Myung S. Jhon (CMU)

    • 08:30-09:00


    • 09:00-09:20

      Welcoming Address

      • (ROK) Tae Seog Oh (The1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT)
      • (USA) Andrew Herrup (Minister Counselor of Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy in ROK)
    • 09:20-10:10

      Policy Direction on National Nanotechnology

      • (ROK) Deok Kee Kim (Director of Nano∙Semiconductor Department, NRF)
        - ROK’s Recent Development on Nanotechnology Policies
      • (USA) Mihail Roco (Senior Advisor, NSF and NII)
        - Nanotechnology Foundation for Emerging Technologies
    • 10:10-10:30

      Coffee Break & Group Photo

    • 10:30-11:45

      Keynote Speeches

      • (ROK) Kang-Wook Lee (Senior Vice President of SK hynix)
        - The Role of Packaging Technology for Semiconductor Industry Innovation
      • (USA) Farhang Shadman (Director of ERC, University of Arizona)
        - Environmental Implications and Impact of Semiconductor Manufacturing: Retrospective and Outlook (Virtual Presentation)
      • (USA) Victor Zhinov (Chief Scientist, Semiconductor Research Corporation)
        - Decadal Plan for Semiconductors and Nanotechnology
  • 11:45-12:45

    Lunch & Informal Networking

  • Main Session
    Jinho Ahn (Hanyang University)

    • Next Generation SemiconductorⅠ
      Sanghun Jeon (KAIST) /
      Elias Towe (CMU)

      (15 min/each)
      (Incl. Q&A)


      • (ROK) Sanghun Jeon (Professor, KAIST)
        - To be announced
      • (USA) Elias Towe (Grobstein Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)
        - Challenges and Opportunities in Neuromorphic Computing
      • (ROK) Sangbum Kim (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
        - Device-Algorithm Co-optimization for Analog in-Memory Deep Learning
      • (USA) Steve Koester (Russel J. Penrose Professor, University of Minnesota)
        - Applications of 2D Materials in Future CMOS Nodes
      • (ROK) Woo Young Choi (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
        - Extremely-Low-Power Electron Devices and Their Applications to Brain-Inspired Computing and M3D Integration
      • (USA) John Heron (Associate Professor, University of Michigan)
        - Ferroelectric Switching Kinetics in Epitaxial PMN-PT Thin Film (Virtual Presentation)
      • (ROK) anghyeon Kim (Associate Professor, KAIST)
        - To be announced
    • 14:35-14:40

      Coffee Break

    • Next Generation Semiconductor Ⅱ
      Sayoon Kang (KMEPS) / Ahmed Busnaina (Northeastern University)

      (15 min/each)
      (Incl. Q&A)


      • (ROK) Sayoon Kang (President, The Korean Microelectronic and Packing Society)
        - How to Create the Values in Electronic Packaging for Semiconductor Competitiveness in Era of 4th Industrial Revolution
      • (USA) Ahmed Busnaina (University Distinguished professor, Northeastern University)
        - Additive Manufacturing of Micro and Nanoscale Electronics for Heterogenous Integration and Advanced Packaging
      • (ROK) Jichul Kim (Master (VP of Technology), Samsung Electronics)
        - Advanced Packaging for Future Mobile Devices
      • (USA) Subramanian S. Iyer (Distinguished Chancellor’s professor, UCLA)
        - What really is Heterogeneous Integration?
      • (ROK) Jiho Kang (Fellow, SK hynix)
        - To be announced
      • (USA) Ming Zhang (Distinguished Architect, Synosys)
        - The Future is Bright for Chips
      • (ROK) Donghyun Kim (Director, Hana Micron)
        - To be announced
    • 16:30-16:35

      Coffee Break

    • The Environmental Implications of Semiconductor Manufacturing
      (친환경 반도체 공정)
      Heeyeop Chae (SKKU) /
      Carolyn Duran (Intel Corp.)

      (15 min/each)
      (Incl. Q&A)


      • (USA) Mamadou Diallo (Program Director, NSF)
        - Environmental Implications of Semiconductor Manufacturing: Overview and NSF Funding Opportunities
      • (ROK) Heeyeop Chae (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University)
        - Low Global Warming Gas Development for Plasma Etching Process in Semiconductor Device Fabrication
      • (USA) Carolyn Duran (Vice President, Intel Corp.)
        - Intel’s Approach to Future Semiconductor Manufacturing while Achieving Aggressive Sustainability Goal
      • (ROK) Jeong Sik Lim (Leader, Research center for climate metasphere, KRISS)
        - High-speed and sensitive measurement techniques for monitoring of carbon net-zero type semiconductor and display process
      • (USA) Carol Handwerker (Reingardt Schuhmann, Jr.Professor, Purdue University)
        - To be announced
      • (ROK) Yeonghun Han (Senior Manager, Process Center, SK hynix)
        - Semiconductor etch process – a technical review in the scope of ESG
      • (USA) Gil Lee (Vice President, Applied Materials)
        - Accelerating Development and Manufacturing with AI
      • (ROK) Sung-il Cho (Master, Samsung Electronics)
        - Technology trends for Etch patterning in the aspect of energy and environment
      • (USA) Ara Philipossian (Emeritus Professor, University of Arizona)
        - Reducing Slurry Consumption while Boosting Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Process Performance
  • 18:5-19:00

    Break & Banquet Set-up

  • 19:00-21:00

    Banquet & Welcoming Reception
    Diamond Hall(22F), THE PLAZA Seoul

  • Day 2
    April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) [Ruby/Opal Hall(22F), THE PLAZA Seoul, Seoul]
Day 2
  • Young Scholar Presentations
    Jo-won Lee (NNFC) /
    Myung S. Jhon (CMU)
    (Ruby Hall)

    • 08:30-09:00

      PPoster Set-up (Opal Hall Lobby)

    • 09:00-10:00
      (5 min/each)
      (Incl. Q&A)

      • (ROK) Hongyun So (Assistant Professor, Hanyang University)
        - Control of Electroplated Copper Layers for RDL Fabrication on PCB Substrates
      • (USA) Jungwon Choi (Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota)
        - Wide Bandgap Devices in Power Electronics (Virtual Presentation)
      • (ROK) Jaemyung Lim (Assistant Professor, Hanyang University)
        - Power Delivery Network in the Advanced Packaging
      • (USA) Jihoon Seo (Assistant Professor, Clarkson University)
        - Shallow Trench Isolation Chemical Mechanical Planarization: Slurry chemistry, Cleaning Chemistry, and Mechanisms
      • (ROK) Min-ju Kim (Assistant Professor, Dankook University)
        - Highly Reliable Organic Non-Volatile Memory Devices Based-on Hybrid Films via iCVD Process
      • (USA) Inhee Lee (Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)
        - Millimeter-Scale Smart Sensing Semiconductor Devices for Next-Generation IoT Applications
      • (ROK) Byungjin Cho (Associate Professor, Chungbuk National University)
        - Low Power 2D/oxide Memtransistor Device with Highly Reliable Heterosynaptic Plasticity
      • (USA) Siva Chandra Jangam (3DIC Technologist, Apple)
        - Advanced IC Packaging using Silicon Interconnect Fabric (Virtual Presentation)
      • (ROK) OOO(Name), OOO(Title of Organization)
        - To be announced
      • (ROK) OOO(Name), OOO(Title of Organization)
        - To be announced
      • (ROK) OOO(Name), OOO(Title of Organization)
        - To be announced
      • (ROK) OOO(Name), OOO(Title of Organization)
        - To be announced
  • 10:00-10:30

    Coffee break & Poster Exhibition

  • Discussion / Working Groups
    (Ruby/Opal Hall)

    • 10:30-12:30

      Group Discussion Workshop

      • Group 1: Next Generation Semiconductor Ⅰ (Opal Hall)
      • Group 2: Next Generation Semiconductor Ⅱ (Oapl Hall)
      • Group 3: The Environmental Implication of Semiconductor Manufacturing (Ruby Hall)
  • 12:30-13:30


  • Wrap up Discussion
    (Ruby Hall)

    • 13:30-14:00

      Presented by U.S. Session Chairs

  • Closing Session
    (Ruby Hall)

    • 14:00-15:00

      Young Scholar Presentations Award

      Draw-up Recommendation to the Governments

      Signature of Overall Summary and Recommendation

      Closing Remarks

  • Day 3
    April 5, 2023 (Wednesday) [National NANOFAB Center in Daejeon]
Day 3
  • (Optional)Technical Tour
    (Name of organization: National NANOFAB Center in Daejeon)

    • 09:00-11:00
      (120 min)

      Move to Daejeon by bus

    • 11:00-12:30
      (90 min)

      FAB Tour

    • 12:30-14:00
      (90 min)


    • 14:00-16:30
      (150 min)

      Move to Seoul by bus